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Have you had your heating and cooling system serviced yet? Coosa Heating and Cooling performs air conditioning and heating maintenance services on all makes and models of HVAC systems. HVAC service is necessary to ensure your comfort and your system from breaking down during the Gadsden winter.

Heating And Cooling Service Checklist

What is done in a heating and cooling system maintenance service? At Coosa Heating and Cooling, we follow the Energy Star recommendations and offers a comprehensive heating system maintenance service that includes the following.

  • Check All Safety Devices
  • Measure Temperature Difference
  • Measuring Voltage and also Current on Motors
  • Apply Protective Coating to Unit
  • Adjust Gas Pressure
  • Adjust Pilot
  • Clean Electric Heat Strips
  • Clean Out Condensate Drains
  • Examine Heat Exchanger
  • Clean and also Adjust Burner Assembly
  • Check and Clean Ignition Assembly
  • Clean and also Adjust Blower Assembly
  • Check Indoor Coils
  • Monitor Heating Cycles
  • Lubricate Motors and also Bearings
  • Tightening All Electrical Connections
  • Test Starting Capabilities

Heating and Cooling Maintenance Service Near Gadsden

Do you know why heating and cooling maintenance service is so important? The Gadsden winter weather can be unpredictable. Past winter seasons prove the use of our HVAC system is vital, going from heating to cooling in a drop of a hat. This influx of temperature change can create a heavy load on your comfort system, making it more vulnerable to breakdowns. Some air conditioning and heating problems can actually double operating costs without reducing comfort. Meaning the problem does not present itself until there is a complete system failure, costing you an expensive repair and leaving you and your loved ones unprotected without heat and air. There are many reasons for HVAC service but the biggest is to save you money while keeping your family safe. To ensure your system is operating correctly all season long, please ask about our maintenance agreements.

Benefits of Heating and Cooling Service Maintenance Agreement

Are you ready to receive all the benefits from the Coosa Heating and Cooling Service Maintenance Agreement? This agreement is vital. Not only does it protect your home and your loved ones but it also protects your investment. A Heating and Cooling Service Maintenance Agreement includes two service visits per year this helps protect manufacturer warranties and is highly recommended. When enrolling in Coosa Heating and Cooling Heating and Cooling Service Agreement, you will receive priority customer service and a discount on parts and repairs. You will also receive:

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Improved Safety
  • Improved Capacity
  • Repair small Problems before Turning into Major Breakdowns

When the question arises about your having your heating and cooling system serviced, make sure you are covered with the Coosa Heating and Cooling Service Agreement. We have all your heating and cooling answers.